German Iron Cross 1st Class

A nice example of The Iron Cross 1st Class of the German Wehrmacht.
Eisernes Kreuz Erste Klasse.
Original medal in good condition. All of the original black paint remaining.
Bought in Germany, November 2011

General information about the The Iron Cross 1st Class
The Iron Cross 1st Class has the same dimensions and identical obverse features as the 2nd Class (44mm by 44mm). However, The Iron Cross 1st Class is a breast badge and therefore the reverse is a solid silvered metal plate with only the attachment mechanism present.

Originally The 1st Class of the Iron Cross was presented more scarcely, and logically held a correspondingly higher level of stature than the 2nd Class Cross. In order to receive the Iron Cross 1st Class Heer and Waffen SS men would have to perform three to four further acts of courage from the one that earned him the 2nd Class. The Luftwaffe and Kriegsmarine had the following criteria; the award was regularly awarded to U-boat Commanders upon sinking 50,000 tons and to Luftwaffe pilots when they achieved six or seven confirmed kills. Of course these were only guidelines, and a single act of great importance or a long steady career could earn the individual the Cross.

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