Japanese Silk Flag (Iwo Jima)

Original Japanese “meat ball” silk flag.
This is a so called Good Luck Flag also known as hinomaru yosegaki.
With beautiful Japanese hand writing (good luck greetings for the fallen soldier).
The flag was brought home from Iwo Jima, where it was found on a dead Japanese soldier. From the estate of a USMC Lieutenant Colonel, who served in the Pacific.
Size: 95cm x 71cm. Scarce and salty condition. Solid for the most part. Still has the attached connecting cords. Small edge tear.
Has some soiling and stains (some of them possibly blood stains).
Bought in USA, July 2011

The story of the Japanese Good Luck Flag (hinomaru yosegaki)
When new recruits or reservists were called to active duty almost invariably, either their family members or company, purchased a Japanese flag and had the recruits relatives or friends and co-workers sign their names and a good luck or patriotic message to the flag. Throughout the war the soldier carried these flags, on thier body, close to their hearts.  It was thought that this would bring them luck in battle, so they could return to their families.

US Marines proudly displaying a captured Good Luck Flag

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