Eisenhower D-Day Letter

General Dwight D. Eisenhower’s letter from June 6 1944.
This is one of the original letters which was distributed to all Allied airmen, sailors, soldiers and airborne units on the evening before D-Day. The letter has been carried through D-Day by an Allied soldier, and therefore it has been folded to be kept in a pocket. On the back of the letter there is a few hand written notes. Even though the letter shows signs of usage, it is still in great condition, complete with no tears.
The letter measures 6 x 9 inches. Bought in Canada, October 2011

An important piece of history
It is said that he D-Day letter changed the moral of the men and women that helped make the D-Day invasion a success. Without this important document the war could have been drastically changed. The D-Day letter is one of the most important documents because it inspired greatness in all who read it. Eisenhower called for nothing but total and complete victory, and that is exactly what he got.

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