US Army Map (Ancinnes, France, 1944)

Genuine US battlefield area map of Ancinnes, France.
Sheet 43/6 NW. Edition: 2nd edition July 1944. Scale: 1/25 000
Bought in France, October 2011

For sale: €100 / $145 (including free worldwide shipping)
Paypal accepted. If you are interested, please send me a e-mail on

History of Ancinnes

Ancinnes was liberated by the famous French 2nd Armored Division (lead by General Leclerc) on August 11 1944. The map also shows the Perseigne forest (South East Alencon) that was the battlefield of The US 5th Army lead by General Patton against the remains of the famous German 352nd Infantry Division known for its defence of Omaha Beach on D-Day. The Perseigne forest area was liberated by the US 5th Armored Division on August 13.

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