US M-36 Musette Bag

M-36 Musette Bag complete with original shoulder strap.
A scarce khaki M-36 Musette Bag in very good condition with some light use wear evident at front, a moderately stained area at the lower back, and the button missing from the side pocket. Otherwise, the pack is in fine shape, with no rips or tears. It is “US” stamped at front, marked “Protection Products” on the inside and dated 1942.
The bag is complete with the original M-36 khaki shoulder strap in excellent condition and also dated 1942, making this a rare 1942 dated matched set.
Bought in USA, September 2011

General information about the M-36 Musette Bag
The M-36 Musette Bag was issued by The US Army during WW2 for use as a handy shoulder bag or a small pack. It was prized for its light weight, compact size and surprising carrying capacity. It was especially popular with paratroopers, who always jumped, fought and moved in light marching order.

A group of US Paratroopers wearing the M-36 Musette Bag

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