US Paratrooper Flag Armband

A rare and scarce Airborne Paratrooper Flag Armband in great, used condition. This type of armband was typically used by US Paratroopers for example in North Africa (1942), on the D-Day invasion in Normandy (June 1944) and during Operation Market Garden (September 1944). The armband was fixed to the uniform with a safety pin.

A group of US Paratroopers getting ready to leave for Operation Market Garden. Notice the armband on the solider in the middle.

2 thoughts on “US Paratrooper Flag Armband

  1. Great collection. I noticed the armband is worn on the right arm with the star field in the upper left. Does this mean the regulation requiring the star field face forward did not exist until some time after WWII?

    • Hi Taco. Thanks! I have seen ww2 pictures displaying the armbands worn on both left and right arm. I not aware of what the rules were, but they are on the right arm on most pictures, I’ve seen. I didn’t know about the stars facing forward regulation. Thank you for that info. 🙂

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