US Paratrooper Silk Escape Map Pouch with original contents

A scarce and very rare Airborne escape and evasion map pouch, that could have been used for operations like Market Garden and Varsity. The pouch contains silk escape maps C & D of Europe, the original escape compass (very rare, because it almost always got lost) and a few German money notes. Both the pouch and the contents are in totally mint condition. This is a true museum quality item!

8 thoughts on “US Paratrooper Silk Escape Map Pouch with original contents

    • Rick, thanks for your note. I not really planning on selling the escape map grouping. If I were to sell it, it should probably cost around $650, since I paid quite a lot for it myself + shipping and Danish toll taxes. But thanks for your interest in my collection.

      • Hi we have one similar which I will be posting on the website ( later today, I came across your forum as I am trying ascertain a sale price. The map is silk in good condition the silk has browned a little, it is a map of holland Belgium France and Germany with enlargements of Germany-Belgium . The pouch used but good condition and the compass is still intact. Any ideas of a current value ? Janine

      • Hi there. Thanks for your note. Guess the price depends a lot on the buyer. I paid around $400 for my map a little more than a year ago, and the price could range from $300 to around $600 depending on the version and the condition, I guess. But I’m not a pricing expert. Good luck selling it!

    • Tom, sorry for my late reply. Thanks for your offer. This pouch is one of my favourite items, and it’s not easy for me to sell. Your offer is fair, but I think I will have to pass, since the items are quite precious to me. Hope you understand.

  1. I have a 43 C/D silk map with small original compass and “Maps Only” pouch, no C/D E/F markings. Everything in pristine condition. Dad was in 8th Recon, don’t know how map was obtained. He was not paratrooper or pilot. He also came back with two Walther PPK’s and holsters, LARGE Nazi flag. Also a drilling 16 gauge double barrel shotgun with third barrel rifle silver engraved turkey/deer gun.
    Question, how rare is the map/pouch/compass in really great condition? Not for sell, just curious. Thanks

    • Thanks for your comment, Larry. As I understand it, they are pretty rare, since the small compass was often lost on the battle field. I paid around 400$ for the map, pouch and the accessories, and I found the price quite resonable. A love it, and I think it is one of the finest items in my collection.

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