Our agency’s Christmas card 2012

Merru bloody Christmas!

Just wanted to share this photo with you guys. It’s the output of a photo session, we held in November 2012. We used the photo for our advertising agency’s Christmas card, that was sent out to all our clients during December.

The story of the photo is that 2 new recruits (2 new employees that joined our team in December) have arrived to the front line to assist our small, creative team. For several months we had been far too busy work-wise, and backup was urgently needed. That is what we were trying to show and tell in a slightly alternative way.

The location was an old barn far out in country in Southern Jutland, Denmark. It was freezing cold, but we kept warm on hot coffee, plenty of cigarettes and Jack D. The cold got you to think about the poor men, that basically were dressed like us back in Normandy. They must have had a hell of a time.

The uniforms are mostly repros, but the weapons and different pieces of equipment are the real thing from my collection.

Hope you like it?


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