US 101st Airborne Grouping 327th Glider Infantry Regiment (PH+SS+BS)

The Original Presentation Cases

Original WW2 Medals: Purple Heart, Silver Star Medal and Bronze Star Medal

Invasion Gauze Arm Flag and Silver Captain Rank

Regenburg’s Dog Tag

Early Side Caps and Glider Patch

A premium, highly documented 101st Airborne Division Grouping. All items of the grouping are museum quality and belonged til Airborne Infantry Commander of the 327th GIR (Glider Infantry Regiment), Captain Alfred J. Regenburg, who passed away 5 March, 2001.

Regenburg received his Purple Heart for being slightly wounded in action on 22 September, 1944 in Holland and a Bronze Star for his heroic actions against the German enemy in Marvie, Belgium, 21 December, 1944 (for further details check out the official citation pictured on this page).

Update September, 2012: Further research on Alfred J. Regenburg is currently being carried out with help from the great guys of the Trigger Time forum and Petra Pulles.

The grouping consists of:
– Regenburg’s Purple Heart Medal (Army Type III, 1943-45) in its original case
– Regenburg’s Silver Star Medal (with stamped serial number 76219) in its original case (ongoing research on this item)
– Regenburg’s Bronze Star Medal in its original case
– Regenburg’s dog tag
– Regenburg’s Invasion Gauze Arm Flag (great, used condition)
– Regenburg’s Silver Captain rank
– Regenburg’s side caps in mint condition and early Officer’s glider patch
– More than 200 pages of documents and personnel records!

I bought this grouping in USA from a US Army Colonel, who has been a collector of Airborne militaria for many years. All items are guaranteed to be original.

Open to offers
The more I learn about Alfred J. Regenburg, the more I appreciate this great grouping. However, I am always open to serious offers. I will ship to most of the world with full insurance. If you are interested, please send your best offer to me via e-mail (, and I will get back to you shortly. Paypal payment only (buyer pays the Paypal fee).


Esconido – Alfred James Regenburg, 85, died Monday, March 5, 2001, at VA Medical Center in San Diego. Born May 20, 1915, in Palatine, Ill., he lived in Escondido for 32 years. He worked as a vice president of Beneficial Insurance Group for 25 years. He served in the U.S. Army from 1941 to 1946. Mr. Regenburg was preceded in death by his wife, Ruth A. Regenburg on Dec. 12, 1989. He is survived by daughters and son-in-law Catherine Simons of Costa Mesa, and Lynn R. and David L. Tagge of Escondido; sister Ruth Anderson of Elgin, Ill.; and grandson Christopher D. Tagge of San Carlos.


Alfred Regenburg's WW2 Bronze Star Medal Citation

Alfred Regenburg’s Bronze Star Medal Citation

Normandy Scrapbook (95th Infantry Divison)

Amazing and unique WW2 scrapbook. The book covers a the veteran, Private Lewis Roland Blaney’s induction into the army and into the 95th Infantry Divison. Mr. Blaney landed with Patton’s Army on Normandy June 7th, 1944 (D-Day Plus 1) and served in Europe until March 1945. The book also covers this period.

A map is included where the veteran has traced his route through Europe. A lot of different items are in this book, including several photographs, newspapers, patches, army forms from General Patton and General Bradley, a small German Nazi flag, a Safe Conduct pass from General Eisenhower, a Special Orders pamphlet from Bradley on American-German Relations and much, much more.

The state of the scrapbook is fragile. The back and cover is torn and many pages are torn and loose. Nevertheless, this is a truly magnificent piece of personal war history.

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USMC 3rd Pattern Camo Cover with sniper veil

Pacific Theatre of WW2.
The US Marine Corps issued the camouflage helmet covers during WW2 to conceal the distinct outline of the M-1 helmet. First used at Tarawa, the 3rd Pattern helmet cover, was non-reversible and featured an integral pull down sniper veil/insect net. It is complete with all of the original tie-down straps and foliage loops around the crown. This is a very nice camo cover in mint condition with vibrant and distinct colors.
Bought in USA

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Japanese Army Combat Tunic

Original Japanese Summer Combat Tunic from the Pacific Theatre. US veteran bring back. Mint condition. Small size (small/medium).
Bought in USA

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US Paratrooper Shoulder Pads

A set of original, brown Airborne Paratrooper Shoulder Protection Pads.
Great condition. Shows only light wear.
Bought in USA, September 2011

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US Army Map (Ancinnes, France, 1944)

Genuine US battlefield area map of Ancinnes, France.
Sheet 43/6 NW. Edition: 2nd edition July 1944. Scale: 1/25 000
Bought in France, October 2011

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History of Ancinnes

Ancinnes was liberated by the famous French 2nd Armored Division (lead by General Leclerc) on August 11 1944. The map also shows the Perseigne forest (South East Alencon) that was the battlefield of The US 5th Army lead by General Patton against the remains of the famous German 352nd Infantry Division known for its defence of Omaha Beach on D-Day. The Perseigne forest area was liberated by the US 5th Armored Division on August 13.