USMC M1 Helmet with 2nd Pattern Camo Cover

USMC M1 helmet camo cover
A nice example of the iconic WW2 front seam fixed bale M1 USMC helmet with a great reversible brown/green 2nd pattern camo cover. The helmet still has the original canvas chinstraps, but the Hawley liner is a repro used in the HBO miniseries “The Pacific”. The camo cover is without any post war markings and in excellent condition with signs of battle use.

Marines in the Pacific theatre of war wearing the M1 helmet with camo covers

US Paratrooper Flag Armband

A rare and scarce Airborne Paratrooper Flag Armband in great, used condition. This type of armband was typically used by US Paratroopers for example in North Africa (1942), on the D-Day invasion in Normandy (June 1944) and during Operation Market Garden (September 1944). The armband was fixed to the uniform with a safety pin.

A group of US Paratroopers getting ready to leave for Operation Market Garden. Notice the armband on the solider in the middle.

US Paratrooper Shoulder Pads

A set of original, brown Airborne Paratrooper Shoulder Protection Pads.
Great condition. Shows only light wear.
Bought in USA, September 2011

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