German field belt with buckle

A Wehrmacht Heer (German Third Reich Army) black leather field belt with a buckle made in aluminium. On the buckle there is an eagle holding a Swastika and the inscription “Gott Mit Uns” (God With Us), which is an old German military phrase, that had been used many years before World War 2. Both items are bought in Germany and in excellent condition.

A German soldier wearing the same kind of belt during WW2

German Field Uniform (Oberfeldwebel der Artillerie)

Original German Field Uniform of a “Oberfeldwebel der Artillerie” (Platoon Leader of Artillery).  The uniform has a Feuerwerker sleeve patch, which indicates that the owner was an ammunition expert in the Wehrmact Heer. Dated 1942. Colour: Field grey. Manufactured in Utrect, Holland.
Complete with all insignia and matching Officers Riding Breeches. An original German Wehrmacht uniform in very good condition. Bought in Germany, November 2011.

German Officers Boots
A scarce pair of original WW2 German Wehrmacht Officers Riding Boots in nice, worn and uncleaned condition. Bought in Germany, November 2011.