U.S. Paratrooper Wrist Compass

A nice example of the “Compass, Wrist, Liquid-filled” issued to all Airborne troops during World War 2. The body is made of olive drab Bakelite plastic and the needle point is tipped with phosphorescent paint. The back of the Compass is marked “Corps of Engineers U.S. Army”. The compass is manufactured by Superior Magneto Corp. and dated 7-44 (July, 1944). Both the compass and the original adjustable leather band are in excellent condition.

Wrist compasses were used both by officers and enlisted men. The compass was usually seen worn on the wrist, ofcourse, but also over the sleeve, the shoulder loops, webbing or at the ankle over the jump boots.

82nd Airborne sergeant in Holland with wrist compass hanging from webbing.

US Paratrooper Shortened Entrenching Shovel

M-1910 Entrenching Shovel in a rare shortened version. This shortened model was mostly used by Airborne forces, since the full length shovel could be a burden, when it was carried in the waist belt and the handle could get in the way during combat jumps. The shovel is complete with its original cover and in excellent condition.

US Paratrooper Shoulder Pads

A set of original, brown Airborne Paratrooper Shoulder Protection Pads.
Great condition. Shows only light wear.
Bought in USA, September 2011

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US Paratrooper M-1943 Dust Goggles

Unissued US Paratrooper Dust Goggle Type II M-1943 in the original packaging.
Mainly used by US Airborne troops in Holland and Normandy, but also used during the Italian campaign by the 10th Mountain Division. This model is a rare type II with green tinted lenses. Dated 1943 and manufactured by American Optical Co. (AO). The goggles are unissued and in an exceptional condition.
Bought in France, September 2011

Another pair of M-1943 Goggles shown on a M1C Paratrooper Helmet

Left: Lt. John Reeder of RHQ/506th PIR in Normandy wearing the M-1943 Goggles on his helmet. Right: Airborne Medics in Normandy wearing the same type of Goggles.

The Fighting Mans Note Book (named)

Small note book named to Airborne Paratrooper Corporal James Edward Faulkner Jr.
Dated 1942. Fascinating note book with hand written notes. Contains Faulkner’s different military addresses and names and addresses of presumed friends and acquaintances of the owner. Fair condition with some ripped and missing pages.
Bought in USA, September 2011